17 FebThe combination of fresh mushrooms and lemons may not seem immediately appealing, but it’s an amazingly delicious duo. In the 70s – the era of the hors d’oeuvre – a recipe called Mushrooms a la Grecque was extremely popular in very smart restaurants. Some versions use vinegar, but I far prefer those made with aromatic fresh lemons like this recipe from foodie Tamasin Day-Lewis, who in turn took inspiration from the great Elizabeth David https://bit.ly/17bBzac. (I read recently that the digital age has turned the world into one global kitchen, with all the great cooks before us passing on their recipes as only our mothers and grandmothers once did. I’d have to agree wholehearted there!) If the retro aspect of the dish doesn’t appeal though, try these earthy Baked Lemon and Thyme Mushrooms https://bit.ly/1FNEKkC – very moreish!