Oysters, asparagus, honey… you know the list of “aphrodisiac” foods your hubby always feels the need to make some silly comment about when he orders them in a restaurant – especially in company! Now that every woman reading this has her sigh and eye-roll out the way, the truth is we’d be more interested in the subject if it weren’t for the cringe-worthy male dialogue that surrounds it. And according to nutrition expert Bonnie Taub-Dix (https://bit.ly/1vzdAsC), mushrooms deserve a place on the list of natural aphrodisiacs. “Mushrooms –we know why this food is called a fun-gi!” she jokes in an article for Everyday Health. “Mushrooms are a rich source of selenium, protecting the cells from ageing while also being important for the immune system and fertility in men. Mushrooms are also a source of potassium which aides in maintaining balance in body fluids and blood pressure, ensuring that nerves and muscles function properly.” Read more on which foods she says will help your love life at https://bit.ly/XITm4S.