Button mushroom oxtail

“Where would we be without salt?” proclaimed the renowned American chef, James Beard. Because as we all know, food without salt, in large part, is pretty unpalatable. Sodium is also vital for the proper functioning of the human body. But just a small amount is required, and when we go overboard, alas, there are dire consequences, especially related to blood pressure and heart issues. The World Health Organization (WHO) wants us to reduce our salt intake and – rather satisfyingly – is focussing on what we should ADD to meals rather than what we should eliminate. Their experts have honed-in on UMAMI! Mushrooms, if you didn’t know already, are the absolute epitome of umami. They’re also naturally low in sodium.

As the WHO instructs:

  • Umami, from foods like mushrooms, adds a savoury, meaty flavour that contributes to flavour depth in a dish. 
  • And umami increases the perception of salt by enhancing flavours in a dish. This means less reliance on adding large amounts of salt.

So there you have it! To lower your sodium, add more marvellous mushrooms to your meals, beginning with our Button Mushroom Oxtail https://bit.ly/3miVEnq.

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For our easy-to-make Button Mushroom Oxtail recipe, click https://bit.ly/3miVEnq; or browse https://bit.ly/31Tza3V for any mix of meat and mushrooms that sets your tastebuds tingling.