resizeblogimages (3)Quite a few members of my husband’s family are vegetarian – and all different types: lacto-ovo, vegan, even some who’ll eat fish (which means they’re really pescatarians!) and those who will lecture you non-stop about the virtues of a vegetable diet but won’t say no to the lamb sausage and will be offended if you point out the hypocrisy. Despite growing up around these people, their different dietary requirements are lost on my husband, who’ll simply say one of his relatives is coming over, make something veg! Over the years this black hole of misinformation has led me to made quiche for a vegan and a gorgeous custard tart for the “we don’t touch eggs” crowd! So you can understand that when catering a dinner party with one or more vegetarian guests, I’ve often been flummoxed about what to make for main course. But no more, for I have discovered the Mushroom and Nut Roast It can be served with all your regular veggie sides and some meat-free gravy – no, not the one you’ve ladled the chicken pan juices into! It’s a snip to make and there’s loads of room for improvising. Just make sure you know what type of vegetarian is coming for supper – and ask about nut allergies, too!