5 novDecember is hangover month – from too much food, late nights, and yes, that extra glass of wine you agree to because you’re having such a good time at the party that you just don’t want to slow down. Been there, done that! Some years back, Glamour magazine in the UK came up with a whole list of Hangover Cures That Work https://bit.ly/1pC9d1t, including honey, wasabi, apples, gherkins and peppermint tea. And intriguingly, mushrooms were on the list. The Glamour writer describes mushrooms as “another staple fry up food in prime hangover-curing action! Mushrooms are a great source of selenium, which is particularly great due to its antioxidant powers. They are also packed with B vitamins, which support the liver by aiding the detoxification processes.” So there you have it! A fry up with a huge mound of mushrooms is what you’re after the morning after a big night out.