29-Sep-2014Growing up, bread and butter pudding was my favourite! No raisins, mind. I can’t stand raisins! But my mom knew how to make it with soft bread and lots of apricot jam – strawberry for special occasions – and of course there was custard, cream or ice cream. Or the way we mostly had it, with Ideal Milk! It’s still my favourite way to douse a dessert. Yes, you can transport a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, but you can never change her comfort foods! Now it may be because they never had it where I came from, but until last week, I’d never heard of savoury bread pudding – shocking but true! So you can just imagine my glee at the sound of Savoury Bread Pudding with Kale and Mushrooms https://nyti.ms/ZP4ii4. Forget side dish… me and a spoon and it’s love. I’ve since Googled the concept and apparently you can add anything you like, bacon, blue cheese, last night’s leftovers… the only constants have to be strong hard cheese like Parmesan, stale bread and a mix of egg and milk. I plan to work my way through every last savoury bread pudding recipe I can find!