20 FEBIf your man is sports mad – but only from the couch! – and you can’t get him to nibble a nut, let alone gulp down a green juice, it’s time to sneak some good-for-you ingredients onto the snack platter. Buffalo Chicken and Kale Stuffed Mushrooms https://bit.ly/1Cvj5dC were devised to be both nutritious and easy on the pocket. They’re perfect for getting couch potatoes to munch healthy foods they might normally never touch, like kale – a flavonoidpowerhouse, hero of the green juice and a veggie that’s been described as one of the world’s “healthiest foods” https://bit.ly/1FNIySR! And let’s not forget the mushrooms. Says the creator of the delicious stuffed morsels mentioned above, chef Melissa D’Arabian: “I love mushrooms because they are meaty and satisfying, yet an entire cup has just 15 tiny calories (and 2 grams of protein). Plus, they offer a dose of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. But the real benefit is that the deep flavour of mushrooms will make you completely forget you are eating something healthy.”