Mushrooms with pork is a marriage of mild flavours that produces a mouthful much more flavourful than each ingredient alone. It’s a super-satisfying fusion that’s been embraced in cuisines around the globe – think pork sausages and fried mushrooms in the iconic English breakfast, soupy steamed dumplings all across Asia or classic Marsala pork chops with mushrooms. Stews, sauces and stir-fries, the pairing is a winner. Basic blendability is also a good option with the two – that’s where you replace half the meat (in this case pork) in a recipe with finely chopped up mushrooms before forming into patties or meatballs and cooking as usual. The mushrooms bring umami, moisture and loads of nutrition to the mix, while the pork portion lets you have your meat-fix in a diet that’s a bit more plant-focussed. Now that it’s summer, try these complementary flavours as Miso Pork Belly & Portabellini Skewers for an easy outdoor gathering with friends. They’re simple to prep ahead and delicious alongside any number of cooling cocktails.

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