2 FEBRUARYI had a brilliant idea – consolidate all the entertaining I needed to do into one weekend, to save on costs – and besides, lots of friends equals lots of fun, right? Wrong. Two kids over on consecutive nights for sleepovers, punctuated by a whole-day gourmet braai, where lunch ended after 8pm (which admittedly was rather gratifying) and the inlaws over next day for slow roast lamb and dessert leftovers left me shattered, with super-dry hands from all the washing up and sticky floors! Luckily there was one edible highlight to the marathon: a batch of mushroom samoosas I bought in – they were gone in a flash; I was lucky to get one myself! I’ve since found a recipe to make the glorious little morsels at home https://bit.ly/1HreQYr. They’re gonna be the cornerstone of the intimate teas and small gathering I occasionally host from now on. Too exhausting otherwise – and not enough time to really enjoy the cooking!