24 NovMy family are creatures of habit, especially when it comes to food. Fish fingers need to be very crisp and have tomato sauce on the side. Grilled chicken must be baked in a tomato and onion mix with a good amount of chilli. I’ve tried changing things up, but all I get are untouched plates. So now I make two versions, what they like – again! – and something slightly new for me. I play a game with myself called just one more ingredient, meaning I have to transform whatever is for supper with just one special tweak. I grab ideas from restaurants and websites wherever I can – just this weekend I saw mushrooms on toast on a popular outlet menu, but served with a basil mayo to give it a fresh edge. I’m not sure I like the idea of mayo on my mushrooms on toast, but a few drops of a lovely bright basil oil would be gorgeous, I think. Likewise these pretty sausage stuffed mushrooms https://bit.ly/1qXLNEB. They would be delicious as part of a tapas spread – and I wonder if the kids would try them if I used pork bangers or boerewors instead of Italian sausage?