fry's veg pie

I’m a mom, so freezer staples are important. I’ve heard talk of the alpha-mom who can do a full day’s work at a big corporate, immaculately dressed and having got her kids to school perfectly on time, only to return home in the evening – with a quick stop at the gym and the supermarket – to bake biscuits from scratch, turn out a three course meal (all from just-picked ingredients) and still have energy for a school project and a smile for hubby. I’m not that person! Really, I think that woman is just a myth supercilious moms tell us tracksuit-wearers in the school parking lot to give us bad dreams. So for me, ready-made and in the freezer is a winner. And my new favourites are Fry’s Meat Free Country Mushroom Pies, available from @Pick ’n Pay and @Spar stores. On a rough day, that and a salad and dinner is served. And supermom, it’s yummy! You should try it.