I want my BLT

Bacon is such a wonderful flavour (brilliant with mushrooms, of course!) that it seems even vegans miss it! Clever blogger Linda Meyer of veganosity.com has come up with a recipe for vegan bacon. Try it. Even if you do eat the real thing, Portobello Mushroom Bacon https://bit.ly/2cUFC3p will sing for your tastebuds! #vegan #bacon #blt #veggiefriendly #inspiredcooking # innovativefood #sabloggers #safoodies #foodiez #foodblognation #freshmushrooms #portobello #lovemushrooms #kitchenexperiment #deliciousfoodies #wowfood #fungifreak #happyfridayfolks #recipeideas #meatfree

www-veganosity-comServes 1-2


60ml liquid smoke

¼ cup maple syrup

1tsp salt

pepper to taste

1 large Portobello mushroom, washed and patted dry

1tbsp coconut oil


1 In a bowl that is large enough to marinate the mushroom slices, combine the liquid smoke, maple syrup, salt and pepper.

2 Cut the mushroom into thin strips, no more than ½cm thick, and marinate both sides in the liquid mixture – at least 15 minutes per side.

3 Heat the oil in a medium skillet and cook the mushrooms for 3 minutes, flip and cook for 3 more minutes. They should be browned and the edges should look crispy.


For a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich, toast two pieces of wholegrain bread. Add lettuce, sliced tomato, the mushroom bacon, and salt and pepper if desired. You can also spread some vegan mayo on the toast for added flavour.