As for as I’m concerned, pizza has to be a vegetarian affair – no ham, chicken bits, salami or deboned ribs for me, thank you very much. Best combo for my buck is artichokes, asparagus, onion, peppers, olives and sliced mushrooms. But I found myself in a dilemma on the weekend at a hotel garden café where you could only choose two toppings *faint*! What to choose, what to choose? Distilling down your favourites is never an easy task, but after a few minutes of careful taste and texture matching in my head I found my perfect two-taste combo: mushrooms and black olives! The mushrooms are fantastically herby, garlicky and velvety in your mouth, which is an unbeatably flavour-bomb made more sublime by the briny contrast of little black olives. I may well order it again. What two-ingredient combo would you have ordered?