23 Sep 2014I’m a huge fan of history! Wherever my husband and I travel, he knows he’ll be dragged around every museum, battleground and mentioned-in-a-memoir venue I can find. He’s learned to appreciate it, even though he’d prefer to be shopping… yes, in our family my husband is the one who’s besotted by shopping bags and Internet malls. Online, one of my favourite reads is the South African Heritage Portal Newsletter https://bit.ly/1p2noXE. It’s a great place to see old architecture, stories about the suburbs we live in before they were the ‘burbs, and loads of happenings come Heritage Day this Wednesday. Of course, for many South Africans, Heritage Day is Braai Day. At our house this year, it’s a toss-up between making Large Brown Mushrooms Stuffed with Caramelised Red Onion, Chicken and Basil https://bit.ly/1p2nBdx or Mushroom Potjie https://bit.ly/1p2nBdx. Heck, I’ll just make both!