Potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and onions, thyme and Dijon mustard! Bet your mouth is watering already. They’re the main elements of a gorgeous potato salad developed by Katerina Petrovska on her blog,, Served warm, it’s amazing with seared fish, grilled chicken and anything off the braai. And don’t throw out the leftovers, as it’s still great right out the fridge – and perfect for lunchboxes! I love the combination of potatoes, onions and mushrooms, it’s just one of those sublime mouthfuls. And so versatile, too. You can put them together in a hundred different ways and always be satisfied – think mushroom and potato bake, roasted mushrooms and potatoes, pan-fried hash, soups or baked into frittatas or potato cakes. So, are your spud side dishes about to get a revamp?