I’m an adventurous eater. Bring on the offal, fermented vegetables and 100 year old eggs. I’ll give them all a try. But mushrooms as a dessert… seriously! I’ve never tasted one that works. Mushrooms are loaded with umami – that’s savoury flavour! – so no matter how much sugar and spice you add, it’s still just too earthy. I’m not a fan at all. And really, why does every ingredient have to ‘reach past its comfort zone’? Give me a pizza topped with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes and anchovies, a mushroom soup with parmesan shavings or a grilled chicken breast with a mushroom sauce and I’m happy. Keep your mushroom and marmalade roulade! Please! I firmly believe the only mushroom dessert that is palatable is a plate of button mushrooms made of meringue and marshmallow – maybe with a little fruit or chocolate mousse on the side.