picky eater


When they were very small, my children loved mushrooms. Then they started to talk – and comment about what was put on their plates – and inevitably got all squeamish about them. It’s the texture, I suppose. Mushy, but not quite mushy enough! But mushrooms are back on the menu, thanks to advice from food writer Stephanie Gallagher (https://kidscooking.about.com/bio/Stephanie-Gallagher-34731.htm). She says: “One of my basic tips for cooking food for picky eaters is to pair vegetables, or any new foods, with foods your picky eaters already like, such as potatoes, pasta, bacon, cheese or rice. It’s the age old spoonful-of-sugar-makes-the-medicine-go-down trick, but with vegetables and some fun new recipes.” Finely slicing your mushrooms and stirring them into the Bolognese sauce doesn’t make them any less nutritious, and it certainly beats having the eat-your-vegetables (and fungi!) argument every night!