Carb clever, banting, keto, paleo or whichever form of low-carb eating you follow, if your plates aren’t piled high with delicious fresh mushrooms, you’re missing out on superior flavour and nutrition, and here’s why:

  • Mushrooms are extremely low in carbs. One cup, which is about 70g of raw button mushrooms, has only 2g of carbs, and one of those is all-important fibre! (Source: Healthline)
  • Because mushrooms contain so few carbs, they don’t spike your blood sugar when you eat them, making them perfect for diabetics and anyone trying to stabilise their blood glucose for other health reasons.
  • Mushrooms have a unique nutritional profile, full of nutrients found in both animal foods like meat, fish and chicken, and plant foods that include grains and vegetables.
  • Mushrooms are inexpensive, and are one of the most versatile ingredients when cooking – they can be served both as a meat substitute, and an umami-rich complement to meat dishes.

What can we say… mushrooms maximise low-carb meals. Time for some Baby Button Cauliflower Fried Rice – the low-carb crave meal of your dreams.

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Whether you like your low-carb menu meat-free or meat-forward, mushrooms should be one of the stars! You’ll find a delicious selection of recipes at