Movember is upon us, and it’s all about raising awareness of men’s health issues, including heart health, diabetes, and prostate and testicular cancer. One worthwhile intervention for all these diseases is to eat more vegetables and fungi. In a 2013 study published in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers from Loma Linda University in California found that the benefits of switching to a vegetarian diet “are much greater for men than women. Piling up on veggies can help men prevent heart disease, some kinds of cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity”. Going totally veg might be a step too far for many, but eating less meat and choosing more plant-based options is without doubt going to improve health, aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and even help with shedding a few kilos! Mushrooms are a no-fuss, high fibre, nutrient and antioxidant dense meat substitute that even eats like steak if you do a straightforward swap for the fungi on the braai. So, if Movember for you is about making just one change, maybe make it adding more mushrooms to your meals. A delicious dollop of Mushroom Chakala to top your boerie is totally worth it… even if it’s just for the taste!

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