It’s the party season, so the issue of hangovers needs to be addressed – and we don’t just mean the hangovers from alcohol, we’re talking about that overwhelming feeling of overindulgence that builds throughout the festive period too! There’s no scientifically recognised “hangover cure”, with people swearing by everything from a big fried breakfast to vodka-soaked oysters to beat that icky morning-after feeling. What researchers do know is that you have to replenish nutrients after a heavy night out, and fresh mushrooms are certainly loaded with those – from B vitamins which support cell health, energy levels and digestion, to vitamin D for brain function, irritability and low mood. Maybe best of all, though, is a quick mushrooms on toast is just so much more palatable on “those” mornings than a plate of greasy bacon and eggs. The delicacy and mild flavour of mushrooms are also a perfect lifestyle “cleanse” as the festive season sparkles along – fungi are light yet filling, cost-effective and infinitely versatile for meals from basic to bougie. So when the rich sauces and fantastic feasts get too much, lighten the load on your wallet, waistline and digestive system with a Roasted Mushroom Niçoise or maybe fake a takeaway with Mushroom Meatball Subs


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