19 Jan 15I’ve found it! The ultimate comfort food: Crispy Potato, Onion and Mushroom Rosti https://bit.ly/1CmJ1Jo. I’ve always been partial to a fried potato; yes I mean chips – crisp, thick, slap, all good to me. And as I’ve grown older, the flavour of onion has become essential to every salad, sandwich and steak. So the combination of fried potato and onion is one I was never going to turn down. But then I found this amazing recipe that adds button mushrooms, and it was love at first sight… or should I say taste? It makes a large cake that can be cut up and shared, recommended to be eaten with vegan aioli. But it works just as well as the base for a stack of bacon and soft eggs for brunch, creamy mushroom chicken fillets at dinner, or loaded with vinaigrette tossed leaves and feta cheese for lunch.