Biltong and braai are essential South African fare. But what do you do if you’re a vegetarian? Make Mushroom Biltong, of course! #FreshMushrooms #EatMoreMushrooms #FunwithFamilyandFriends #veganjanuary #easycookingeasyeating #mushroomswitheverything #mushroomrecipeideas #vegjanuary




Mushroom Biltong

Serves 4


8 Portobello mushrooms

2tbsp tamari

1tsp apple cider vinegar

2tbsp maple syrup

1tsp smoked paprika



1 Slice mushrooms, thick.

2 Combine all ingredients.

3 Marinade mushrooms for 2-4 hours.

4 Place mushrooms on a dehydrator tray.

5 Dehydrate mushrooms for 6-8 hours (or until as dry as you like).

6 Can be kept for up to 2 weeks.


(Any mushroom can be used for this recipe)