It’s officially autumn, Easter is on the horizon and Human Rights Day is March 21, so what we need this month is something a little spicy, vaguely egg-shaped and good for fostering a bit of human kindness! Mushroom and Onion Bhajis will definitely do the trick. Best enjoyed with friends… old and new. #autumn #Easter #humanrightsday #fingerfood #familyandfriends #smilesallround


Mushroom and Onion Bhajis

Makes 15



180ml cold water

1 egg

120g chickpea or cake flour

2ml bicarbonate of soda

5ml curry powder

5ml cumin seeds

5ml salt

1 onion, sliced and quartered

200g button mushrooms, sliced

oil for frying



1 Place the water and egg into a jug and whisk together. Add the flour, bicarbonate of soda, curry powder, cumin seeds and salt and whisk until smooth.

2 Add the onion and mushrooms and stir to coat.

3 Heat some oil in pot or deep fat fryer. Once hot, drop spoonfuls of the mixture into the oil and fry for 30-45 seconds per side, or until the bhajis are golden-brown and crispy.

4 Use a slotted spoon to remove the bhajis and drain on kitchen paper. Repeat with the remaining mixture. Serve hot, with lime wedges, mango chutney and fresh coriander leaves.