7 NovJust as Popeye gets his strength from spinach, Mario of Nintendo fame (https://bit.ly/1wTEUEc) becomes ‘super’ by eating mushrooms. And with fresh mushrooms being such nutrient powerhouses, in many ways the fungi do the same for you when you eat them! UPMC HealthBeat, the website for the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences (https://bit.ly/1qjXRdn), recently posted an article called ‘6 Reasons That Mushrooms Make An Awesome Addition to Any Meal’ https://bit.ly/1zpmgqd. Most interesting is what it says about some of the less well-known minerals like Copper and Phosphorus Copper. Fresh mushrooms are an excellent source of these nutrients, which ‘help form collagen, a protein that keeps your bones from becoming brittle, and also aids in energy production. Phosphorus aids in protein development and growth, maintenance, and repair of cells and tissues.’ Mushrooms are also high in Potassium. ‘This mineral aids in the maintenance of normal fluid and mineral balance, which helps control blood pressure.’ The more I read about mushrooms, the more I’m convinced the phrase ‘every little bit counts’ must have been coined for the fungi!