So you like your meat? No problem. It’s the South African default diet, after all – a lovely social braai with lots of boerewors, steak and chops. Truly delicious! And you don’t have to change that at all. But how about adding one or two mushrooms to the mix – to add vitamins, fibre and loads of great umami flavour to your carnivore plate? Mushrooms, from big browns to baby buttons, get the green light from keto, paleo, banting and other carb clever groups, so whatever your diet or no-diet mindset, low-calorie mushrooms make meals better. Not only do they add another layer of flavour to the pot or grill, they have a marvellously meaty texture and don’t scream “vegetable” to those averse to the green stuff. Mushrooms even help make expensive meat-rich meals like oxtail stew go further and are a budget-buy no matter how you incorporate them! Our meal-on-a-stick Steak, Mushroom and Baby Potato Kebabs should win you over to adding fabulous fungi to your regular meat and potato regime. Give it a go.

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Click the link above for direct access to our Steak, Mushroom and Baby Potato Kebabs, or scroll for meat and mushroom meld-ups from Button Mushroom Oxtail to Pork, Mushroom and Sage Meatloaf.