Everyone is familiar with the salty, yeasty, meaty flavour of Marmite – it’s basically umami in a jar. Try it with umami-dense fresh mushrooms to make Marmite Mushrooms https://bit.ly/2k3mqlB – without doubt, umami-love at first bite. Just add toast! #umami #ontoast #marmite #meaty #lessismore


250g mushrooms (or as many as you like)

1tbsp butter

black pepper, to taste

a little Marmite, to taste


1 Clean the mushrooms by wiping with a paper towel.

2 Melt the butter in a frying pan and roughly chop the mushrooms into quarters.

3 Chuck the mushrooms into the pan and fry them until cooked. Add a little bit of black pepper if necessary.

4 Add a little Marmite and stir into the mushrooms over a low heat.

5 Serve on toast or crumpets (or on steak for those with a taste for meat!)