Garlic, ginger, rosemary, fennel, marmite … what do they have in common? They’re really distinctive flavours, each with significant nutritional benefits, and they’re all brilliant with delicious fresh mushrooms! Mushrooms themselves are dietary powerhouses, with a vitamin and mineral profile that’s rather special, because they have nutrients found both in plant and animal produce. Mushrooms also offer up fibre and protein and can even make their own vitamin D – the only plant able to do so. But it’s the earthy, creamy, nutty notes of fresh mushrooms that really help them blend so well with big flavours like those listed above, enhancing them without overpowering them. Mushrooms manage to maximise other flavours however they’re used in the kitchen. We’d argue that Jamie Oliver’s Marmite Mushrooms and Scrambled Eggs definitively make the case that all good food is made better with mushrooms, since many say marmite isn’t the easiest taste to embrace yet fungi carry the day in this unusual breakfast delight. So too with our vibrant Roasted Mushroom Fennel Grape Salad – it’s pure summer indulgence that champions aniseedy fennel and sweet pink grapes through the medium of mild mushrooms. You’ll love it. Oh, and it’s so good for you too!

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Aromatic flavours combined with umami mushrooms and a good spritz of imagination define the satisfying recipes at – there’s real fungi alchemy here.