14 novWith the aid of hardworking scientists and dietitians, fresh mushrooms are making themselves welcome in all manner of places. One great idea is to ditch your pizza base and simply pile toppings onto large brown mushrooms – works extremely well for diabetics, Banters and anyone else cutting the carbs https://bit.ly/13Zd2nD. And even if you want to keep the carbs, mushrooms are an amazing addition to your meals. Bart Minor, president and chief executive of the US Mushroom Council, recently told The Washington Post https://bit.ly/13ZeBlx, that he is excited about mushrooms’ ability to mix with and boost the flavours of ground meat in foods such as burgers, while simultaneously cutting calories, fat and costs. According to the article, ‘A sensory study funded by the council, to be published in the Journal of Food Science, showed that consumers generally preferred meat-mushroom blends in tacos over a 100 percent beef filling, citing increased aromas, flavours and moisture. And that, says Minor, is the beauty of blendability: “The bottom line is that people love burgers. People know they are supposed to eat more fruits and vegetables. If we are actually going to change things for them, we need to improve the things they eat most often.”’ I’m in! You?