Dec 14I really enjoy Christmas food. I find turkey delicious, and duck-fat roast potatoes just can’t be beat. But I like to think beyond the main meal when planning for the big day, because Christmas leftovers, I think, are gold. All year I’ve been thinking of making Mushroom, Bell Pepper and Leftover Stuffing Fried Rice – I recon it’ll be a real winner with the kids. I’m also looking forward to using up any leftover gammon in Martha Stewart’s Pasta with Ham and Mushrooms– so simple, but looks divine! I’m going to try duck, goose or turkey in Jamie Oliver’s legendary quick Chicken and Mushroom Pie recipe; and while Rick Stein’s Turkey Salad with Chinese Cabbage, Beansprouts and Vietnamese Mint doesn’t actually call for mushrooms, I think the addition of some sliced raw buttons would only make it better. Happy holiday cooking, everyone!