www.bbc.co.uk1 copyI really feel for Nigella Lawson. Who knew so many people would get upset about her telling viewers she’s partial to avo on toast, and whipping up a plateful while doing so? In her new book, Simply Nigella, the avo on toast recipe is really innovative, combining blitzed broccoli, avo and a whole bunch more tasty things. And one of the many charms of her TV programmes is that she does babble on about her likes and life! I’m totally behind her that simple food is very satisfying, so in solidarity with our girl Nigella (food hero, inspiration, kitchen companion) this week we’re adapting a very simple – and very satisfying – sandwich from her good friend Nigel Slater: Mushroom and Taleggio Toastie https://bbc.in/1Ht1L1u. Enjoy.

Mushroom and Taleggio Toastie


handful fresh mushrooms – whatever you have in the fridge: Buttons, Portabellini, Portobello, sliced

knob butter, for frying

sage leaves

few slices Taleggio cheese – or use Brie, Camembert or another melty cheese

2 slices sourdough bread


1 Quickly pan fry the mushrooms in butter with some torn sage. When cooked, add slices of Taleggio and melt for a few seconds.

2 Meanwhile toast the bread.

3 Fill the slices of bread with the mushrooms and cheese and serve.