fridayIt’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought of breast cancer, to put your head in the sand and ignore the threat because you just don’t know how to avoid it. Well there unfortunately isn’t an easy out, but has come up with 10 very practical strategies you can follow to lower your risk – so you’ll feel more empowered and less like you’re just a number in a bad lottery. Yes, eating loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, regular (read daily) exercise and lots of good-quality sleep are chief among them. We all know what needs to be done…and will get started next week. Well, think of today as next week and get in a 20 minute walk and load your plate with everything from dark green leaves to colourful fruits and mushrooms, too. Remember, research has proved that eating just one mushroom a day can lower your risk of breast cancer. Besides the taste, that’s one of the best reasons I know for stirring fungi into just about anything.