Pickling is such a tasty method of preserving vegetables, including fungi of all forms. And mushrooms also love an oil-based marinade. Both pickled and marinated mushrooms are delicious as part of an antipasti spread with an array of cured meats, grilled fish and charred veggies. While for an everyday lunch, is there really any better combination than pickles and a toasted cheese sandwich? Might as well make those pickles mushrooms pickles then. A quick pickle is best with delicate fresh mushrooms. To get started, clean your mushrooms well, then try the very basic pickled mushroom recipe for our moreish Pickled Baby Button, Whipped Goat’s Cheese & Asparagus Bruschetta http://rb.gy/31rr8 – just perfect for a party! For a mushroom marinade, you simply submerge your fungi in a good olive oil with a whole lot of aromatics. The fact is there is no end to how many flavours you can add to either a mushroom marinade or pickle – whole cloves of garlic, sprigs of fresh herbs like rosemary, chopped chillies, even whole spices like mustard seeds and peppercorns … go wild, or more precisely, add to taste. A mushroom marinade lasts about two weeks in the fridge while a pickle can do double that.

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