15-September- 2014(4)

A decade ago I would have scorned the life I now have (and adore!). Up early to browbeat two children into dressing and eating some breakfast – any breakfast! – then hit the traffic to be at school by 7.30am. I would have been mortified to be seen in public without at least eyeliner, mascara and a little slick of gloss. Now, if I’m presentable and have brushed my teeth, we’re on the road. I know I must have at least one pair of high heels somewhere, but don’t really have anywhere I’d like to wear them. And where once I had to go to every new “IT” restaurant in town, I have to admit that on our last anniversary, my husband and I decided that fish and chips at home with the kids was really what we’d like best – we threw in a side of sushi and bottle of bubbly just to make things a bit festive. The same goes for my cooking. Yes, I still love to fiddle with fancy food when I have the time, but most days, the sort of nourishing, delicious food my kids eat suits me well enough. That’s why I’m a fan of Anna and Liz at 2sistersrecipes.com. Give their Pasta with Chicken, Peas, Mushrooms and Sun Dried Tomatoes a try https://bit.ly/1tGXETB, and you’ll soon be one, too.