16 Jan 2015Wishing one and all a brilliant 2015! I hope you had an amazing break. For me, the hols are good if I find new and interesting things to eat, and this festive season was a corker! I discovered that lamb chops coated in black olive tapenade are very moreish on the braai (make sure the heat it low, though, or the tapenade will burn) and chicken in Korean barbecue sauce, once again braaied, will have you eating till you can’t fit any more in – supremely delicious! I’ve also developed a serious addiction to “Disco Fries”, on the menu at the new burger joint in my area: fresh cut and fried shoelace fries with melted cheese, chilli and spring onions on top – who can say no to that?! And I’ve developed one more obsession: Vietnamese Stir-Fried Mushrooms with Lemongrass and Chilli (https://bit.ly/1xjsRw9). Simple to make and just bursting with fresh flavour, once you’ve tasted this dish, it’ll be on your menu often!