28 NovIf you’re a hardcore athlete or just enjoy your Crossfit class four days a week, hear what Lauren Antonucci, RD, a New York based sports dietetics specialist has to say https://bit.ly/11MNRmA. “While we dietitians tend to encourage eating brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, that should not be at the expense of mushrooms. They are high-water-content foods: 100 grams (just over 1 cup) of uncooked mushrooms contain only 22 calories and 3 grams each of protein and carbohydrate, making them a great weight-loss food. But even more importantly, mushrooms (even little white button mushrooms) contain key B vitamins, crucial to energy production and metabolism, and minerals to support immunity and enhance recovery. Other important nutrients found in mushrooms: riboflavin, integral in red blood cell formation; niacin, key for skin and digestion health; vitamin B5, needed for proper nervous system function; potassium, a key electrolyte; selenium, an immunity-supporting antioxidant; and phosphorus, which helps decrease muscle soreness and aids metabolism. And just in case you need one more reason to stock up on mushrooms: They also contain an important class of soluble fiber—beta glucans, which is a powerful, immunity-boosting, infection-fighting and allergen-reducing nutrient.”