08-September-2014Trying to emulate the likes of Jessica Alba, I’ve just had my first green juice – spinach, cucumber, apple and ginger. Not bad tasting, even quite refreshing… and of course big points towards my health halo for today. Or so I thought! Searching out recipes for the emerald elixir, I came across an ABC News article https://abcn.ws/1r73Em9 with a few mild warnings, like green juices can be high in carbs as fruit is used to sweeten them, and they can stop people eating a wide variety of veg. “Yes, kale and other greens are good for you,” it reads, “but so are red veggies (like beets, peppers, and tomatoes), as well as yellow and orange plants (including carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash), blue/purple veggies (such as eggplant and cabbage), and even white options (like cauliflower, mushrooms, and onions). The truth is, eating a wide variety of vegetable types and colours is an important strategy for optimal health. One study, which looked at the consumption of 26 commonly eaten veggies in more than 450 000 people, found that regardless of the amount, the risk of lung cancer decreased when a wider variety of vegetables were consumed.” So eating the rainbow is back on, I recon!