21 NovI’m loving the braai right now, and am totally inspired by US chef Rich Landau’s take on cooking veggies over the coals, as reported in Food & Wine in August https://fandw.me/1vcFlKX. He’s got great ideas, from carrot hotdogs and grilled fennel panzanella to steaming mielies in their husks before dousing with chimichurri! But my two favourites are his take on cauliflower and Portobello mushrooms. “Cauliflower is so good on the grill but it has to be pre-roasted or blanched for a few minutes first,” says chef Landau. “Cut the cauliflower head into planks right down from the top to make ‘steaks’, then char them. Give them a drizzle of olive oil and lemon when they come off the grill. (When it comes to) Portobello mushrooms, mix oil with a little balsamic vinegar and tamari (or use ordinary soy sauce). Add a generous pinch of ground pepper. Brush on the marinade right before grilling, and let the shrooms rest for a few minutes before serving – like steak, vegetables need to rest too!”