10 FebI love pineapple juice, because even when you’re sipping it in rush hour traffic, it tastes like a beach holiday! It’s amazing the link between memory and taste or smell. To this day the sight, let alone the smell, of creamed honey reminds me of hot, sweet, dripping toast before very early morning beach walks with my grandfather while the rest of the family slept – we were always the early risers! I had the same reaction recently on seeing a recipe for Mushrooms with Seared Salmon https://bit.ly/1vccRMO. Not only does the thought of fresh, slightly smoky fish make my mouth water (sight unseen) – what can I say, I like fish on the braai! – but the ginger and chilli marinade had me straight back to my honeymoon on the islands around Thailand. Yes, I suppose most of my happiest memories are lived with a fork in one hand and beach sand under my feet!