The braai is a great South African cooking method. It makes chops, steak and wors taste amazing, and chargrilled veg always gets my vote! But I’m branching out, and taking things Italian. I’m now smitten with using those last few embers to make Grilled Portabellini Pesto Flatbread Pizzas Kids and adults love ‘em!


Grilled Portabellini Pesto Flatbread Pizza



10 Portabellini mushrooms, sliced thin

1 onion, sliced thin

1tsp olive oil

big pinch salt and pepper

2tsp fresh thyme, chopped

2 naan breads

2tbsp pesto

170g Mozzarella, shredded

2tbsp Parmesan cheese



1 In a large nonstick skillet over medium heat, cook mushrooms and onions in 1tsp olive oil. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and continue to cook for up to 7 minutes until mushrooms and onions start to soften.

2 Add chopped thyme to mushrooms and onions and stir, cook for a minute or two longer. Set aside.

3 Heat your braai to medium heat. Place naan bread on braai and heat both sides for 1-2 minutes each. Remove and place on large plate or cutting board to prep pizzas.

4 To prep pizzas, carefully spread pesto evenly over each flatbread. Spread cheeses evenly over both flatbreads, then top with mushrooms. Place back on braai and cook with cover shut for a few minutes until cheese is melted. Slice into small finger-food sized portions and serve.



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