Stuffing, snack or centrepiece, mushrooms have to be part of your festive season feasting. You can mix meat and mushrooms in the most delightful ways for the holidays – think bacon-wrapped portabellinis on the braai – or, with a drum-roll and a flourish, serve a fungi spectacular like Festive Mushroom Wellington & Cranberry Sauce on Christmas day – great for vegetarians or served as part of a spread with more traditional and extravagant roast meats. Even if Christmas isn’t your seasonal celebration, all manner of marvellous mushrooms can make the meal. See our website linked below for flavours that suit your festival. And let’s give a cheer for all the everyday meals needed during the blissful, beachy South African summer – mushroomy pastas for the kids, tempura fried fungi canapes to go with bottles of bubbly and fruity cocktails, or simply sauteed white buttons which add that missing “magic” to a midnight toasted cheese. What’s truly magical, though, is that mushrooms are very easy to find in supermarkets all through the year and are always a budget-friendly option, while they consistently deliver bold umami flavour and amazing health benefits. So make yours a fun and fabulous fungi festive season this year.


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High days and holidays are always better with mushrooms. Scroll to see what excites your palate.