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I miss some of the celebrity chefs who no longer appear on South African TV screens very often. Gary Rhodes, for one, is a favourite of mine – he’s quirky and his food is always delicious. Here’s Gary Rhodes’ Cauliflower and Mushroom Curry https://bit.ly/29NBvQV. If you’re not yet a fan, make this curry and you will be. #GaryRhodes #celebrity #curry #paleo #banting #welove #curryinahurry #celebritychef #getcooking #welovecurry #deliciousfoodies #foodblognation #sabloggers #innovativeideas #newrecipes #tastethis #cauliflowerpower #freshmushrooms #veggiefriendly

www.goodtoknow.co.ukServes 4


1 small cauliflower, divided into florets

1 bunch of spring onions, trimmed

4 cloves of garlic, crushed

5cm nugget of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped

6tbsp olive oil

450g large button mushrooms, halved

1 level tbsp tomato paste

2tsp ground coriander


⅛tsp chilli powder

300ml natural yoghurt

1tbsp mango chutney (optional)

1 heaped tbsp chopped fresh coriander


1 Plunge the cauliflower into a large pan of boiled salted water and cook for a few minutes until tender, then drain.

2 Finely shred the spring onions and put into a blender or small food processor with the garlic and ginger. Add 4­5ml water and blend until smooth.

3 Heat half the olive oil in a frying pan and, once smoking, fry the mushrooms for 1­2 minutes until beginning to colour. Tip them into a bowl, wipe the pan clean and return to the stove.

4 Pour the remaining olive oil into the pan, pour in the blended purée and stir over a medium heat until it begins to lightly colour. Add the tomato paste, ground coriander, ½tsp salt and chilli powder and continue to fry for a few minutes before adding the yoghurt.

5 Bring to a simmer and top up with 300ml water. Add the mango chutney, if using, and whisk to blend and emulsify the three together.

6 After 5 minutes, add the cauliflower and mushrooms and gently simmer for a further 10 minutes. Then, stir in the coriander and the curry is ready to eat.

This recipe is from Gary Rhodes’ cookbook, 365: One Year. One Book. One simple Recipe for Every Day.