When author Shirley Conran wrote “Life is too short to stuff a mushroom” in her 1975 book, Superwoman, she was commenting on post World War II feminism, not dissing fungi! Their place as fine food has never actually been in dispute. Think mushroom duxelles in a Beef Wellington or Julia Child’s most famous recipe: Boeuf à la Bourguignonne. There isn’t a chef alive – celebrity or otherwise – who doesn’t love a mushroom and the pure umami magic it brings to the plate. And while a stuffed mushroom, like our Roasted Portabellos Stuffed with Marinated Mushroom Salad https://bit.ly/3enz7pu, is a real thing of beauty, winter’s hearty, sauce-driven fare allows so many opportunities for the delicious exploration of fresh mushrooms’ rich, savoury character. They effortlessly elevate ordinary stews to gourmet masterpieces, or you can use their luxe meatiness in an entertainment of mushroom fondue, an earthy vegetarian galette or even a creamy mushroom sauce for the finest cuts of beef. You’ll find recipes for all the above at https://bit.ly/31Tza3V, as well as more inspiration to take your everyday eating to the level of gourmet grandmaster. Bon Appétit!

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