There’s so much more to dietary fibre than just keeping you fuller for longer. And what’s surprising is that wonderfully umami mushrooms have more dietary fibre than you may think! A 100g serving of fresh cultivated mushrooms – a heaped handful or there abouts – has upwards of 1g of dietary fibre, which can increase to 2.7g when water is lost during cooking. When you compare that to the average 2g of fibre in a slice of wholewheat bread, you can really appreciate the win, especially since eating a diet high in fibre is linked to an overall lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer, among other major health boons. Studies have even found that beta-glucan, one form of fibre found in mushrooms, can help lower your cholesterol levels. For maximum flavour and fibre intake, slice your next punnet of plump portabellos, portabellinis or button mushrooms into a giant tumble of Balsamic Mushrooms with Beans, Broccoli & Ancient Grains So delicious you won’t even realise how healthy it is. #goodfood #nourish #mushrooms #antiaging #antiageing #fibre #cardiachealth #diabetes #stroke #cholesterol #budgetfriendly #salad #grains #betaglucan

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