Quality ingredients are essential if you want to plate top-notch meals. And while most of us don’t live near an open-air, daily fresh produce market where the best of the morning’s pickings are on display for a limited period, there are ways to select the best mushrooms for your meals despite the challenges of supermarket packaging. Things to look out for in good fresh mushrooms are that they’re firm, plump and are neither dried out, nor blotchy. A gentle squeeze through the cellophane should allow you to assess firmness, and your eyes will tell you the rest. When you get them home, it’s best to decant your punnet of mushrooms into a brown paper bag or wrap carefully – unwashed – in kitchen paper and store in on open container in the fridge for a couple of days. Mushrooms should be used as soon as possible. When they’re slimy to the touch, and their once clean earthy aroma becomes more compost than champignon, well it’s time to tip them into the bin … or compost heap, if you have one! Slice your freshest mushrooms for a platter of Shaved Mushroom Salad on Sourdough with Tahini Drizzle https://bit.ly/3B6GiLr and serve with French Champagne or whatever whets your whistle …  bubbles up and welcome to the weekend! #goodfood #nourish #mushrooms #antiaging #antiageing #budgetfriendly #salad #supermarket #freshproduce

You’ll find the easy-to-follow recipe for Shaved Mushroom Salad on Sourdough with Tahini Drizzle at the link above, or make your own menu from the many tantalising options at https://bit.ly/31Tza3V.