Watching a food programme last week, I saw a chef produce of plate of roast cauliflower and grilled mushrooms – and nothing else! It’s a combination I’d never imagined before but which instantly had me salivating and my mind working. We all get in a cooking rut, and with something as ubiquitous as mushrooms we’re apt to just chuck a punnet into whatever we’re cooking without much thought. Trying something new with a big brown probably isn’t on many people’s most inspiring list! I didn’t know which herbs, spices and sauces the chef had used, so set about experimenting. So far my family has enjoyed chilli, garlic and cardamom roast cauliflower with butter-fried baby buttons, as well as oregano and black pepper portobellos topped with a salad of lightly blanched cauliflower dressed with extra-virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice, warmed deseeded tomato petals, sourdough croutons and a few drops of basil oil. Next I’m planning a cauliflower mash laced with sautéed, chopped portabellinis and maybe a drizzle of truffle oil. What do you think?