Don’t let that punnet of beautiful fresh mushrooms you haven’t yet got around to cooking go to waste – freeze them! That’s right, you can actually freeze mushrooms (provided they haven’t gone mouldy or slimy), it just takes a bit of prep. Start by carefully cleaning  your mushrooms – simply wipe or brush clean, don’t wash them or they may become soggy. Slice or finely chop the fungi. They can be frozen raw at this point, but it can lead to nutrient loss. It is better to quickly steam or dry-fry your mushrooms to preserve nutrients, then allow them to cool completely. Now, on a parchment paper lined baking tray, spread the cooked and cooled mushrooms into a thin layer. Place directly into a freezer until the mushrooms are frozen solid before portioning into sealable plastic bags or containers. These can last in the freezer for up to six months. The mushrooms may be soggy when defrosted, so cook them straight from frozen or use in recipes like homemade burgers or lasagne in which you can swap out half the amount of beef for frozen mushrooms – the mushrooms add loads of delicious umami flavour to the blend and lower the overall meat content and cost of any meal they are incorporated into in this way. Our flavourful Asian-style Mushroom Blended Burgers will show you the way.

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Bobotie to Bolognese, dinner is always better with moreish mushrooms. Burger recipes and beyond at