The flavour of fresh mushrooms is both clean and creamy, earthy and nutty, but is most often described as umami. Umami is considered the fifth flavour picked up by the tongue, along with sweet, salty, sour and bitter. This umami taste is something intensely savoury, imparting a richness with a hint of saltiness (although mushrooms themselves are very low in sodium). The word umami comes from the Japanese for delicious – and that is exactly what it is! When cooking, that umami-ness is always present, but fresh mushrooms are also a shape-shifter – working well as an ingredient with all others. Take mild fish and exotic seafood, for instance. Fresh mushrooms don’t compete for attention next to their mildness, but rather act as a flavour enhancer – emphasising the natural sweetness of seafood and the mellow creaminess of fish, while lessening any bitterness. Mushrooms always bring out the best in fish, from a delicate Pan Seared Fish on Lemony Mushrooms & Fennel to the bigger flavours of Mushroom & Mussel Paella

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