While fresh cultivated mushrooms in all their myriad preparations are good to put into your face, they’re good for your actual face too! That’s because their extensive nutrient profile includes collagen-friendly zinc, vitamin B, potassium and magnesium. Zinc aids collagen synthesis, while also acting as an anti-inflammatory for any skin distress, and it even helps keep your hair follicles from falling. Add fresh fungi’s complex supporting chorus of vitamins and minerals that maximises anti-ageing through all body systems and you have a youth-boost at a mere fraction of the cost of supplements. Plus the umami-rich taste and meaty texture of fresh mushrooms make them an easy addition to your individual anti-ageing lifestyle plan. Give it a go with our budget-friendly Baked Mushroom Bowls with Swiss Chard Mash https://bit.ly/3E1VI5y – guaranteed to put a satisfied smile on your face while helping to ensure those smile lines aren’t a bother in years to come. #goodfood #nourish #mushrooms #antiaging #antiageing #zinc #vitaminB #potassium #magnesium #budgetfriendly #collagen

Click the link above to go straight through to the recipe for our super-simple Baked Mushroom Bowls with Swiss Chard Mash, or browse https://bit.ly/31Tza3V for all day, all occasion mushroom meal ideas.