keto mushroom pizza

Steering clear of “diet culture” while maintaining a healthy weight in a world of Ultra Processed Foods has many people counting macros, especially their carbs. But when you don’t consume meat of any kind and want to take on keto, paleo or banting, what do you eat? Mushrooms, of course! They have an amazingly meaty texture – especially the big browns – and can be treated like meat in preparations from the great South African braai, to satisfying stews and soups. Mushrooms are even a good source of plant protein, at 3,3g per 100g!

Exciting things we know about mushroom protein:

  • The proteins in fungi are called lectins, which researchers describe as “a unique group of proteins and glycoproteins with potent biological activity.”
  • At least one study has said that “several lectins have been found to possess anticancer properties in vitro, in vivo, and in human case studies.”

Also good for the carb clever crowd is that mushrooms are low in carbohydrates and will fill you up without filling you out – they are low in calories and a good source of fibre too! You don’t even have to wait for cheat day to treat yourself to our Banting / Keto Mushroom Pizza!

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For a slice of crisp-based Banting / Keto Mushroom Pizza, click on the link above, or scroll through the delicious recipes at – there are many low-carb option to discover.