27 OCTExhaustion! Seems to be situation normal at this time of year. Too many deals and deadlines to finish up, school exams and – bizarrely – the thought of the coming summer holidays, just seems to make everyday life that much harder. The only solution, a mini break with the family or an afternoon at the spa, and a relook at what’s on your plate, which means giving preference to fruit, vegetables and fungi! You may be wondering why you haven’t heard the phrase ‘5-a-day’ all that much lately. The truth is the ‘5’ was always just an arbitrary number that some government agency somewhere came up with, thinking that’s about as much fruit and veg as people could tolerate! In places like Japan, that number was always much higher. Well now the US has shifted to ‘More Matters’ https://1.usa.gov/1uXLh50. Very sensible, I think. And remember that vegetable and mushroom-based meals can be just as satisfying as meat dishes. Great examples are Australian chef Pete Evans’ kale hummus and mushroom burger https://bit.ly/1uXMRnq. Very morish – and they’ll do wonders for your energy levels!